Family to Sue LAUSD After 8-Year-Old Allegedly Forced to Urinate in Class

The Los Angeles Unified School District is under hot water after a third-grader was allegedly forced to urinate in front of his classmates before being dressed in garbage bags. The boy reportedly asked his teacher if he could go to the restroom, but was told no and to instead urinate in the classroom trashcan.

“Barely able to hold it in, [he] walked up to the teacher to get his attention and he asked again if he could go to the restroom, because he couldn’t hold it much longer," said the family's attorney, Toni Jaramilla. "The teacher refused, in violation of LAUSD policy."

The young boy, who is not being identified, was then sent to the nurses office due to partially soaking his clothes in urine. The nurse never arrived to the school and the boy was sent back to class where he he remained seated in his soaked clothing. Later, while attending L.A.'s Best, an after-school program, the child explained the incident to an aid, who then covered the child in two trash bags, Mongol says.

The incident, which took place last November has reportedly caused the 8-year old a great deal of trauma following taunting and bullying from other children.

“All he has faced at the school is humiliation, is pain and suffering. And we don’t understand," Mongol said. “Manhattan elementary school has given us the impression that our child is garbage. No child should have to endure this.”

The child's parents have had to remove the child from Manhattan Place Elementary School and place him onto another campus.

“We’re here on behalf of our son, who has been humiliated and has had to endure pain and suffering as a result of his teacher having him urinate in front of his whole entire class, and exposing himself in the process," said mother, Sonia Mongol at the news conference. “He was only doing what the teacher told him to do, what any child would do in that situation.”

“Had [the parents] been called, they could have picked him up early, they could have brought him fresh clothing.” Jaramilla said. “He needed to be treated with compassion and kindness, and not with punishment and disregard and humiliation.”

The family is now filing a tort claim according to KTLA. This legal action will be the first step towards a potential lawsuit against LAUSD.

The district released an updated statement Monday evening:

“We are alarmed by reports of the events that occurred at Manhattan Place Elementary School. We expect our school site employees to oversee the safety and well-being of our students at all times. If true, this alleged behavior by a school employee directly contradicts the mission and values of the Los Angeles Unified School District. We are conducting an administrative investigation in collaboration with law enforcement. Following the conclusion of the investigation, we will take appropriate corrective action.”

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