Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - The people of Fair Haven have elected a goat as their mayor

9 - Nickelback becomes a point of contention on the floor of Congress

8 - Pregnant woman stabs boyfriend after he looks at a photo of another woman

7 - Oregon man stuck in the snow survived on Taco Bell hot sauce packets for 5 days

6 - Man in Germany jailed for life for poisoning colleagues' sandwiches

5 - Musician wrecks grand piano while towing it behind a bike in San Francisco

4 - Community residents outraged over '40 Ounce' water bottle packaging because it looks like malt liquor bottle

3 - Stray dog beats pedigrees to become elite Indian sniffer dog

2 - Woman finds man in her kitchen after he allegedly broke into her home and made tortillas

1 - Woman tattoos her face to make sure she could never get a normal job

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