Man Gets Fed Up With LA Parking and Creates Own Parking Signs

Ever got fed up with someone taking up two (clearly) available spaces when they park their car? Well one Angelino Heights man has had enough. Derek Boonstra took it upon himself to make the neighborhood well-known of some beneficial pointers. He posted street signs that ask car owners to "maximize parking." “I kinda quietly put them up to see what would happen,” said the man.The signs perfectly mimic a legal city street sign with design and aluminum print. Boonstra bolted the signs onto street poles and even a parking enforcement officer couldn't initially tell the difference. Well, that is until you read closely and see the word, "Yo."

The signs state, “Yo, Please maximize parking,” featuring an illustration showing cars, spaced two to three feet apart and close to the red curb.

“I think it’s kinda cool,” Ruth Bott told Fox.“Especially, when there’s a game on at Dodger Stadium, there’s always no parking. I think the sign is just saying, let’s be cautious.”

Boonstra believes that the signs are actually resonating with neighbors. “There’s one curb that usually holds four cars, but now sometimes hold five!” 

The first sign went up about three weeks ago, but there is concern that it may need to come down. “It will be interesting to see if this wave of media attention kind of pokes the bear a little bit and gets them taken down,” Boonstra said.

As of now, Boonstra has reached out to the city to ask if the signs can remain, but has yet to hear a callback.

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