Los Angeles Resident Creates Clever Parking Sign For His Neighborhood

We've all been there.

Parking is a pain and almost impossible to find sometimes.

The parking situation in Los Angeles neighborhoods is even worse.

It can take residents up to an hour looking around for a spot.

It's frustrating and unnecessary and it doesn't help when people who are parking aren't parking normally.

Well local hero, Derek Boonstra, finally took matters into his own hands.

After being frustrated with never finding a spot in his Angelino Heights neighborhood, he decided to make his own parking sign that he bolted under a previous existing sign.

Also, you have to give credit to Boonstra. The sign looks very official.

The signs reads, “Yo, Please maximize parking,” with an illustration showing cars, spaced two to three feet apart and close to the red curb.

Boonstra put up the first sign about three weeks ago, he put up others and thinks they may have had some effect. 

Some curbs that used to hold four cars are now holding five.

Read more on this story here.

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