Inspection Report Finds No Fleas Amid L.A. City Hall Rat Infestation

A report on the squalid conditions of the Los Angeles City Hall building found no evidence of disease-carrying fleas.

North Hollywood based CatsUSA Pest Control said it found "nothing out of the ordinary" during inspections conducted between Feb. 8 and Feb. 15, according to the LA Times.

The company however did identify fungus gnats, ants, flies, centipedes and other insects, “no fleas were found during our inspections or noted on any of our monitoring stations,” the report said. Around 1,800 monitoring stations were installed.

“Nothing out of the ordinary but mostly common insects known as occasional invaders which are common to most structures, homes and places of business,” the report said.

This comes after several reports of rats running around the building and surrounding areas in downtown were made public, with at least one city employee contracting typhus from the fleas living on the rats.

The findings are scheduled for a discussion at a council meeting Friday.

In its report, CatsUSA also recommended that trash be taken out on a daily basis and that recyclables be “tripled rinsed” before they are thrown away. They also said potted plants should not be over-watered so as to avoid attracting mosquitoes and fungus.

Yeah that's what's causing the typhus outbreak, the plants, sure.

Photo: Getty Images

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