American Airlines Restricts Emotional Support Animals to Dogs and Cats

We see it all the time now. People have their "emotional support" animals with them everywhere they go. At Starbucks, Target, and on an airplane.

As more stories come out of these emotional support animals misbehaving and disrupting the experience for other passengers on a flight, American Airlines announced their response.

Starting next month, the airline will only allow passengers to travel with a single emotional support animal, which must be a dog or cat.

However, restrictions are not as tight for service animals, who have specialized training unlike support animals. American said it would allow dogs, cats and — in certain cases — miniature horses, if they are service animals, the Chicago Tribune reports.

American said passengers must also submit a health form documenting the support animal's immunizations, signed by a veterinarian.

“The goal of these changes is to protect customers who have a legitimate need as well as the team members who work every day to keep all customers safe,” the airline said.

The new rules will go into effect on flights starting April 1.

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