Man Who Wins $273 Million Almost Forgets His Lotto Ticket

Every day, we put things down without thinking. Whether it's keys, headphones, glasses, or any other mundane things, we put them down and then we can't find them.

Now, imagine if you forgot where you put a lottery ticket that is worth $273 million.

That is exactly what happened to a gentleman by the name of Michael J. Weirsky.

He bought the ticket at a QuickCheck and while he was fussing with his wallet and worrying about his cellphone, he put the winning ticket on the counter. He began to walk away when a good Samaritan told him that he had forgotten something.

The drawing was March 1st and Weirsky had two tickets he had to look at. The first one didn't give him anything, but the second was worth $273 million.

This good fortune couldn't have come soon enough for Weirsky. In a press conference, he says that he had been unemployed for 15 year and had been recently divorced. This money is really going to help him out.

ABC News reports that the QuickCheck that sold the winning ticket got a $30,000 bonus. Everyone wins!

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