Hello, Ruby Chocolate!

First off, apologies to The Rolling Stones.

Until recently, there were basically three kinds of chocolate:

Dark chocolate, also called “bottom” chocolate.

Milk chocolate, also called “middle” chocolate.

White chocolate, also called……..can you guess……….that’s right, “top” chocolate!

White chocolate was the relative baby of the group, having been introduced in the 1930’s as the Milkybar, made by Nestle.

Now, however, there is a new form of chocolate and it’s pretty odd.

It’s called Ruby chocolate and it’s made from a specific type of actual cocoa bean. Ruby chocolate has a reddish tint and fruity type of taste. Some people think it tastes a bit like raisins or prunes. The red tint is entirely natural—no artificial colors are used.

Ruby chocolate was introduced in 2017 by the Swiss chocolate company Barry Callebaut. If you want to know how it is made, you’re out of luck, because it’s a trade secret. The company has actually registered a patent in connection with this new, weird chocolate.

It’s not widely available in the U.S. but if you want to know how it tastes, they sell it at Trader Joe’s.

Here’s a photo of some that I bought the other day. I’ve been throwing a few of these into Greek yogurt to balance out the yogurt tang.

Ruby Chocolate

By the way, I am aware that there are some people that do not like chocolate. I work with one of these gustatory freaks and his name is Bill Handel.

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