#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelor Report with Petros

Ok, we believe you, Colton.

We believe that you're a virgin, because that's the only possible explanation for why you're handling all of this the way you are.

We get it. You love Cassie.

You've known her for 3 weeks. How could you not love her???

And when she (like a normal person) acknowledges that she may not be completely sold on getting married to you after knowing you for a full twenty-something days, and walks away, we understand why you'd break down into a shaking, emotional, pile of uselessness.

And, even more than that, we understand why you ran away from the situation and hid like a child in the Portuguese darkness.

Now, Colton, we are on your side a bit.

Not with your immaturity. That's pretty ridiculous.

But, we do think you were set up by the producers.

Should you have seen it coming?


But, it does suck that they made you think that she was all in when she wasn't.

PS - We're done watching you shower.

No more.

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