Thousands Sign Petition to Save Dog After it Bites Off 4-Year-Old's Hand

Thousands of people have stepped in to plead for the lives of two dogs after one bit the hand and wrist off a 4-year-old boy.

The Utah child had apparently put his arm in a sock and stuck it under the neighbor's fence, while her two huskies, Polar and Bear, were outside.

The two dogs ventured over and Bear thought the hand was a toy...after playing with the hand for a while, he bit down too hard know....

Davis County Animal Control director Rhett Nicks says the pair could be put down following the agency's investigation, citing, "Severe injury to a human".

Claiming that euthanasia would only cause "unnecessary emotional trauma on the family of the dogs," over 80,000 people worldwide have signed a petition asking that their lives be spared, calling the situation a "freak accident".

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