#TerrorInTheSkies: Oh My! Lightning, Fake Licenses, Hissy Fits And More

Boy, do we have a terror in the skies for you.

We have not just one, but five different cringe worthy stories that'll definitely have counting your blessings.


Shannon's worst nightmare came true.

A pilot flew a plane with a fake license.

Yes an actual pilot managed to fly a flight internationally without the proper license.

After finding out this information, the South African Airway is now suing the pilot for violating their rules.

“SAA has suffered actual financial prejudice and has opened a criminal case of fraud against that pilot. Necessary steps will be taken to recover the money unduly paid to him,” SAA representative Tlali Tlali said in a statement.

We sure hope this lying pilot is never able to fly again.

Read more on this horrifying story, here.


It's raining in Los Angeles!

The thunder is booming and the lightning is striking.

It's fun to stay at home and enjoy the rain from the inside of your house.

It's not fun to be on a plane and have lightning strike the plane.

Sadly, a Delta flight leaving LAX Tuesday night on their way Seattle was struck.

Immediately they were taken back and no one suffered any injuries.

Catch up with more here.


Ugh, yuck. What a nightmare. Dozen of passengers on a Virgin Atlantic flight were quarantined at Gatwick airport after overcoming a 'mystery sickness'.

When the flight landed, they were met with police and medical crews outside already.

A passenger described the troubling flight: "They asked over the tannoy to let them know if anyone felt ill on the flight. There was lots of coughing and rumours that someone had soiled themselves on the plane, as we heard that some people had been ill on the cruise. When we landed, we were held on the runaway for two hours with loads of ambulances and port health authority and fire crew.".

To get the latest on this flight and the passengers read here.


We all need certain things to make our flights more appealing.

Some of us take books, some need their phones, and many need blankets.

A man from Florida though needs something else.

He wanted to bring on a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

Luckily, TSA were able to prevent this grenade from boarding the flight.

We just want to know, why do you have it in the first place?

Learn more here.


Hissy fits are for toddlers at best.

Not grown-adult men.

Well sadly an unidentified man had a complete hissy fit over a meal he received on his flight.

It's just plain embarrassing to act like that over food.

Read more on this here.

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