The Cheese Challenge Sweeps the Nation

How many of you have had the urge to just toss a piece of cheese at a baby? If you have, then you can finally find solace in the next big internet challenge, the Cheese Challenge.

If you've never heard of the Cheese Challenge, there are four easy steps to making one of these videos:

Step 1: Buy slices of cheese

Step 2: Throw a slice of cheese at a baby

Step 3: Record the baby's reaction

Step 4: Post it on the internet

ABC News reports that the challenge started with a man in Michigan who named his new invention, "getting cheesed". Shortly after posting it, the whole thing took off and the rest is history.

Now, what could be more harmless than gently tossing a piece of cheese at a young child, filming the reaction, and then posting it for everyone's enjoyment? Apparently, to some critics of the challenge, a lot of things.

As the Cheese Challenge took off, so has criticism of it. People have even gone so far as to say that the challenge is bordering on child abuse.

Child abuse?


I'm not saying this is the most creative use of your time, but it's hard to say that these kids are being abused. A harmless piece of cheese lands on their head and then they pull it off in a couple seconds. On the contrary, a lot of these babies take the cheese and start eating it because they were hungry.

So whether you're participating or just watching the videos enjoy some harmless fun.

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