#TerrorInTheSkies: Emergency Landing On A Tundra Tarmac

Do you know what there is in eastern Russia in March?


Do you know where a Boeing 777 had to make an emergency landing?

Eastern Russia.

And what did they find?

A whole lot of snow.

A plane that was on its way from Beijing to Los Angeles had to make an emergency landing when an emergency alarm alerted the crew that there was a fire in the baggage hold of the plane.

So, the plane made a landing in Anadyr, Russia.

(You know, Anadyr. Population of 15,500. Russia's easternmost town. Temperature currently sitting in the teens. Lovely place, really.)

A passenger on the plane outlined the experience online.

"The cabin is full of screams and panic and the flight attendant is doing her best to maintain order."
"When the flight attendant opens the door she yells: 'Drop everything, evacuate immediately. The plane will explode.'"

All 188 passengers and the crew were able to exit the plane safely using inflatable chutes.

According to Daily Mail, Russian sources said there was no confirmation of a fire on the plane, but another plane has been sent to pick up the stranded passengers because there is belief that the first plane may have sensor and computer issues.

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