Puma Being Sued By In-N-Out Over New Drive-Thru Shoes

The new Puma Cali-0 Drive-Thru sneakers may be well-done after burger chain, In-N-Out has filed a lawsuit claiming trademark infringement. Puma, in collaboration with streetwear designer, Mike Cherman, launched a line of tennis shoes sporting the "Cali lifestyle." The white shoes which feature palm trees are also surrounded with a red and yellow lining. In the lawsuit, In-N-Out claims that Puma used the restaurants trade dress without receiving permission.

Puma has also advertised for the two new shoes on Instagram in burger-themed videos. The post were in effort to promote the shoes as a tribute to "the Cali lifestyle: it's burger diners," according to NBC. The symbolism of burgers and other associated burger items, which is In-N-Outs popular menu item, has caused a ton of confusion on social media, according to court documents. As reported, many have been led to believe that the food chain and shoe line have paired together for a deal.

"By using In-N-Out's designs and trade dress, Puma and Cherman intentionally confused consumers for their own benefit and have also created the impression that our marks and unique trade dress are available for public use," said Arnie Wensinger, executive vice president of In-N-Out Burger.

In-N-Out is asking Puma to cease and desist advertisement and production of the Drive-Thru shoes. In addition, Puma is also asked to provide and awarded profits related to the shoe sales over to the restaurant.

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