Transportation Officials Approve Congestion Pricing, Uber Tax Studies

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has officially made a start on their plans to make driving in Los Angeles more expensive.

Congestion pricing studies were approved Thursday to analyze the effects on traffic if drivers were charged a per-mile tax or an entry fee to certain neighborhoods, or if more carpool lanes were converted to toll lanes.

A different study will detail how many trips are made by Uber and Lyft, their effect on traffic congestion, and whether adding a fee could influence some riders toward carpooling or public transit.

Each study will reportedly take a year to two years to complete and will examine how a fee structure could affect "traffic flow, transit ridership, and low-income commuters." Transportation officials said no new fees would be imposed until the studies are finished.

Metro alleges imposing tolls would offer a smoother drive for those who choose to pay and generate revenue for a transit network expansion.

A pilot program of congestion pricing and a tax on Uber and Lyft would be launched at the same time if both proposals are approved.

Both revenue inducing ideas have been met with harsh criticism because people simply do not want to ride transit or do not have access to a transit center near them, leaving them no choice but to eventually pay more for their daily commute.

Read more at the LA Times.

Photo: Getty Images

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