#TerrorInTheSkies: A Handshake Gone Completely Wrong

When you're on a flight, it's always nice to be respectful to other passengers.

You say a polite hello and move on.

Well, an American passenger on a flight back home to New York from Moscow went the extra mile with his politeness and demanded a handshake.

Yes, a handshake. This passenger really wanted a handshake.

Nikita Groz was on the receiving of this demand and he was taken aback. This "hand-shaking" asker was sitting 15 rows in front of him and according to a video taken by another passenger, the altercation came out of nowhere.

It wasn't like the American was asking for this handshake politely though, he was yelling and rushing towards Groz.

He then says: 'I'm not an idiot, he's the f***ing idiot.' 

Nikita said: 'Honestly, the handshake caught me off guard.

Thankfully, the passenger was taken off the flight and arrested at the airport.

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