FOX Business: How much will Bryce Harper's new $330M contract cost him?

Baseball superstar Bryce Harper signed a new deal with the Philadelphia Phillies for $330 million over 13 years and a FOX Business opinion piece is saying if "socialist Democrats" get their way, close to 90 percent of his work could be for free.

The article calculates just how many catches and throws Harper will make for the federal and local state governments every year. His contract works out to be worth about $26 million per year, which if he took the standard marital deduction of $24,000, he would owe the government over $9.5 million per year, according to FOX.

Those numbers however do not reflect what Harper must pay to the states that charge their state income tax for the games that athletes play there.

"So, every time Bryce plays against the Los Angeles Dodgers, the San Francisco Giants and the San Diego Padres, he is likely paying the highest marginal state income tax in the country, at 13.3 percent in California (assuming over $1 million in compensation is attributable to his total California away games)," author Rebecca Walser writes.

Walser brings up Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' "Green New Deal" plan and how Harper would have a tax emergency under the proposed idea.

Read the article over at FOX Business.

Photo: Getty Images

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