Legislators Push Back Against Newsom Housing Plan

Gov. Newsom recently voiced his disapproval of the housing development in several California counties, encouraging the build of more properties to accommodate population growth.

However, the proposal for more housing was not met with smiles from state legislators at a hearing Tuesday.

Newsom's plan would link new road repair funding that California cities receive from the state to the progress those cities are making on housing development.

Legislators on three committees that reviewed Newsom's housing plans argued that the road repair money 'should not be contingent upon housing development.'

Newsom wants the state to demand more aggressive goals for housing production by threatening SB 1 funding essentially.

“You don’t reach those goals, we’re going to take SB 1 money from you," Newsom said at his budget press conference in January.

Legislators told administration officials that the "benchmarks were unfair, and the source of proposed funding inappropriate," KQED reports.

Photo: Getty Images

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