Rats, Typhus, and Lies, Oh My!

Mayor Garcetti finally cleaned up the filthy conditions surrounding LA City Hall where a rat and flea infestation was sparking a typhus outbreak.

In what's a great start to a much bigger problem, it took too long to be dealt with.

It took Herb Wesson's Feb.7 work order that acknowledge the rat problem in Garcetti's office suite for cleaning to begin only after a staff member contracted typhus.

As City Watch reports, maybe Garcetti wanted to prove to Gov. Newsom he is worthy and not incompetent.

While some dirt and grime may be gone, homeless encampments were back in the area in no time, which means so will the rats- which probably didn't even really go that far to begin with.

Los Angeles is in the hands of some people who don't seem to have the best interest of the people in mind and serve their own agenda.

Is the city turning into a nightmare? Or has the nightmare begun and no one ( Wesson, Garcetti, Newsom) has woken up yet.

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