Former Lawmakers Pressure Congress to Reverse Trump's Emergency Declaration

A handful of former Republican lawmakers and former senior national security officials appealed to Congress on Monday to stop President Trump's national emergency declaration on the southern border.

"It has always been a Republican fundamental principle that no matter how strong our policy preferences, no matter how deep our loyalties to presidents or party leaders, in order to remain a constitutional republic we must act within the borders of the constitution," the former members of congress wrote.

The officials also said there is no "documented terrorist or national security emergency at the southern border" and that President Trump's "assertions are rebutted not just by the public record, but by his agencies' own official data, documents, and statements,"

The House will vote Tuesday on a declaration of disapproval that will force Republicans to choose between the congressional prerogative over federal spending and Trump's need to secure billions of dollars for border security.

Senators are worried that the emergency declaration could set a precedent and be use by a future Democratic president who is also determined to secure funds that Congress won't give.

Only one House Republican, Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan, has signed on to the resolution to block the declaration.

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Photo: Getty Images

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