UPS Driver Takes A Break From Working To (Kind of) Shoot Some Hoops

Ball is life. All day and everyday man. No matter the time or place. If you see a basketball, you shoot some hoops.

It's an unspoken rule of life and thankfully this UPS delivery guy had the same lifestyle.

During one of his trips of delivering package after package, he dropped a package on a porch. However, this is where things get great. No one was home, a basketball was left on the porch and there was an empty court. So my man did what anyone else would do and started shooting hoops.

What a baller. He's on the job, but who cares? Ball is life. You can't see an empty court and a basketball and not shoot some hoops.

Thankfully for us,the homeowners have a video camera and were able to have the whole incident recorded.

But there's an issue.

My man did not make ONE shot. None, not even one. Everyone knows you can't leave until there's one hoop made. That's the rule. You already started committing to the baller lifestyle, finish the deed.

Kobe, LeBron, and Michael wouldn't have left like that.

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