Two Men Wrongfully Convicted of Violent Crimes in LA County Released

Loyola Law School in Los Angeles' Project for the Innocent has secured the release of its client Michael Tirpak, who has spent 25 years in prison for a 1994 crime he did not commit.

Tirpak's case is believed to be the first such case relying on new California legislation over use of the so-called "felony murder rule," SB 1437, Loyola's press release stated.

Tirpak was convicted of first degree murder in 1996 for his alleged role as a “getaway driver” in an attempted robbery that tragically ended with the death of David Falconer.

Another man, DeAndre Mallard, who was wrongfully convicted of murder and conspiracy in 2003 and sentenced to 26 years to life in prison was also released today thanks to The Juvenile Innocence & Fair Sentencing Clinic at LMU's Loyola Law School.

KFI's Andrew Mollenbeck was in Downtown LA at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility when the two men were released.

"It shouldn't be about, you know, trying to get convictions.. It should be about, you know, putting the right people in jail and not the wrong people," Deandre Mallard told Andrew.

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