#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelor Report with Petros

"Oh my goodness! People are lying to me and I think they're being manipulative and I don't know if they're actually here for love or not! Why would someone that signed up for a match-making show without knowing who the man was not actually be here for love??? Why would the prospect of getting their pretty face all over national TV distract them from getting to know me as a person??? I just don't understand!"

-Colton Underwood

Ok, so maybe he didn't actually say those words, but that pretty much sums up how this week in television torture went.

The girls have split themselves in half, and the two sides are just telling Colton how they are the for the right reasons and how the other girls are just there for the fame.

Now, I will concede that this is a difficult spot for Colton.

So, I totally understand why he handles the situation by breaking down and crying.

Wait. WHAT?!?! He cried?!?! Seriously???

Colton! Why. Are. You. Surprised???

Honestly. Producers gathered up a bunch of pretty girls and told them to be pretty for the whole country. How could you not expect them to be there for themselves and the attention?

You know, Colton, kind of like YOU!!!

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