Fantasy Football Bet Gone Wrong

The NFL season is more than just following the teams. It's about having the perfect fantasy football league lineup as well.

Sometimes in these leagues, players make bets for the loser to complete.

Steven Shrout has never played fantasy football before this year and oh man, did it backfire on him.

After becoming dead last in his league, he was forced to cover himself in peanut butter from head to toe and walk into a dog park.

According to Shrout, dog owners were completely shocked when he walked in. Of course, his friends recorded videos and dogs were obsessed with him.

He was dressed in only a speedo and used three different tubs of peanut butter to fulfill the task. To Steven, this was a better option than paying the losing payout.

How did Mr. Peanut Butter end up in last place you ask? He picked LeVeon Bell as his first pick. Let us remind you, LeVeon Bell did not play in one single game this season.

"It was my first year, and I didn't do any kind of studying at first. I just kind of jumped in," Shrout said. 

But, will he play fantasy football again?

"I will, but probably not with the same guys," Shrout said with a laugh. 

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