Lonely Dog+Lonely Baby Opossum=CUTEST FAMILY EVER!





I mean, seriously. How cute is that???

Everyone loves a good story of unlikely animal friendship, but how much better are those stories when they become an unlikely animal family???


That's exactly what happened in Melbourne, Australia when Molly the beagle met Poss the opossum.

It all started when Molly lost her litter of puppies at birth. Understandably, it absolutely wrecked her, leaving her in a terrible state of mourning.

Poss was going through a very similar experience. Having been abandoned by her mother, she was all alone and had no one to guide her through life.

Then, as if written in a movie, the two met he each other. Poss hopped onto Molly's back, and has proceeded to spend pretty much every waking moment there.

Read the full story at 9News Melbourne

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