Multiple Cities And States Letting Go Of Their Green New Deal Ambitions

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The Daily Caller reports that cities and states are having a hard time trying to use the climate polices in the Green New Deal. We're not shocked. It's unrealistic and actually costs more money than the Democrats are leading on.

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced the Green New Deal with goals and dreams to transform the U.S economy. Those bills called for the entire U.S. to be powered by “clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources” within 10 years. She's young, she's barley been in office for a few months and she has no real life work experience. Why are the Democrats using her as their showcase person? She's the most unreliable source and it doesn't make any sense why people would support and get behind a deal put together by AOC.

This deal fantasizes that the United States must eliminate all greenhouse gas emissions through an expansion of government control which includes a green grid, electrified mass transit and high-speed rail. The bill also calls for “dramatically expanding and upgrading existing renewable power sources” as part of Green New Deal supporters’ climate crusade.

It's been reported from multiple cities and states that trying to apply these policies are difficult than the deal actually leads on.

In the last year, Washington state voters rejected a proposal to tax carbon dioxide emissions. The carbon tax would've cost households an extra $230 per year in 2020. Not including energy bills and gasoline prices would increase as well.

As well a Texas city attempted to follow the deals guideline and switched to solar and wind and it backfired. It ended up costing millions and added to residents' electric bills.

Wake up America, this Green New Deal is a joke. It's going to cost us more money and we already pay enough.

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