NWS Issues Unofficial "Small Dog Advisory" Because of High Winds

With the wild weather hitting the country, the National Weather Service has been issuing notices left and right.

But us being us, we of course took note of a particular one that was presented to Ohio and Pennsylvania...

Calling it a "small dog warning" for the states, the federal agency cautioned owners to "Hold on to your Pooch!" thanks to wind gusts of 45-50 miles per hour because there's a danger they may fly away.

Now I know you're wondering...is this a thing that can actually happen?

According to Mental Floss, very much so!

They cite the sad story of a 6-pound Chihuahua named Tinker Bell took flight back in 2009 and how a similar thing happened to a Yorkshire terrier in Siberia, who was found 3 miles away.

Even though it's rare, The Humane Society of Central Oregon recommends keeping pets indoors during bad weather conditions.

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