NO, Abandoning The High-Speed Rail Would NOT Be A Mistake

An LA Times editorial piece published Wednesday sought to tell the world how Gov. Gavin Newsom's decision to halt the bullet train construction in California was a horrible idea. But the real horrible idea here was the ridiculous article itself.

On Tuesday, Newsom announced he was stopping the construction of the train from San Francisco to Los Angeles to instead focus on finishing high-speed rail service where construction was already underway between Bakersfield and Merced, saying it would just take too long to finish the train as planned.

The infamous bullet train has become a mysterious figure that many Californians might not ever even see. The budget for the train has jumped immensely to somewhere around $80 billion and the proposed 2020 finish date will certainly not be happening.

The abandonment of the entire project would be the obvious decision but as this LA Times piece puts it, "abandoning high-speed rail would be a tragic mistake for California, for the country and for the planet."

It cites the bullet train's purpose of being a "backbone of a fast, clean mass-transportation system that would connect urban centers across the state" as the ultimate reason it should stay because it is a more sustainable solution than airplanes and crowded freeways.

Like an annoying ex that won't go away, the bullet train fiasco lingers on.

Read the article here.

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