#TastyTuesday: Valentine's Day Restaurant Hookups

So you wanna be like @ForkReporter, huh?

Trust me you don't.

Your grand plan to make your person their favorite dinner and dessert for Valentine's Day is going to go up in flames.

If you're a seasoned cook, then you'll likely be fine. But, if you're an average person who thinks that they'll all of a sudden be able to make an amazing meal after not attempting to construct anything outside of nachos and sandwiches for the past year, you're sadly mistaken.

Stick to what you know.


Take them to Waffle House or White Castle. For the only time this year, you won't have to battle the masses there, because they're allowing you to make a reservation (just like all those fancy people places).

Too much?

That's ok. There's other options.

You can run on down to Denny's and get 20% off if you're a rewards member. Or you can order your Jack in the Box meal on their app and get a free dessert on Valentine's Day. And if you're feeling particularly romantic, you can get a 30-count or 10-count of Chick-n-Minis at Chick-fil-A in a heart-shaped tray.

But, if you're single and bitter, you can roll on down to Hooters, tear up a picture of your ex and get rewarded for it with 10 free wings.

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