Typhus Outbreak: Herb Wesson Still in Denial About the Truth

The secret is out. Los Angeles City Hall is infested with rats. Those rate carry fleas and those fleas carry typhus. The employees in the building then contract the typhus from the flea infested carpets they work on and the cycle continues.

City Council President Herb Wesson announced his disgust with the vermin infestation, releasing a motion saying the building's carpet would be replaced and blah blah don't leave your food out blah blah move your plants blah blah blah.

Wesson himself has told the LA Times he heard the "pitter-patter of little feet" in his building and an employee or two mentioned "they heard something in the ceiling."

A flea hidden in a rug pounced on one of his employees late last year, which according to Wesson, is what finally prompted him to remove all the rugs in the infested workplace.

"When you go to work the only thing you should be concerned about is getting to work on time," Wesson said during a tour of his office. "You shouldn't be worried about coming to work and catching some virus."

That is really sweet of you Wesson to finally start caring about employees catching a possibly life-threatening illness however you fail to address the real reason for the virus outbreak.

Health officials however will admit that several homeless people who live near City Hall are indeed those infected with typhus and hundreds of cases are unreported. The disease flourishes in unsanitary conditions, just like those near homeless encampments, not the potted plant in Sharon's cubicle.

"We had a lovely orchid right there," Wesson said after pointing to an empty plant container during his office tour.

That is really heartbreaking, sincerest condolences Wesson. Sure no new fleas will ever come around now as long as the orchids are gone.

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Photo: Getty Images

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