Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Fisher-Price recalls 44,000 children's Barbie Campers over potential injury risk

9 - Police say a bingo brawl broke out at a nursing home over someone's "lucky seat"

8 - Fiji Water fires back at Fiji Water Girl with countersuit

7 - Canadian man with unusual last name can’t get ‘ASSMAN’ license plate

6 - Texas woman uses granddaughter's scooter to fight off men in clown masks

5 - Florida politician resigns after multiple allegations made accusing her of licking men’s faces

4 - Saints fan that died just hours before Super Bowl had obituary that said he was that determined to not watch the game

3 - Canadian grandma goes viral after writing her own hilarious obituary

2 - Colombian man who smuggled drugs implanted in puppies gets 6 years in prison

1 - A zoo is letting you buy a cockroach, name it after someone you hate, and feed it to a meerkat for Valentine's Day

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