Modesto CHP Posts A Photo That Demands Answers

Sometimes it's hard to explain how things have happened. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

The Modesto California Highway Patrol recently posted a photo to their Facebook page, that people are demanding answers. The photo shows a box truck pulled to the side of Highway 99.

Okay, sounds normal. But here's the part where people are raising their eyebrows. A Dodge Ram pickup was stuck in the back of the truck, tighter than ever, and no one really understands how that could've happened.

But of course, because social media is made for jokes. The Facebook comments were going off once the picture was posted.

Here are some samples of the comments:

“You shouldn’t RAM things in tight places.”

“That’s the new dodge CRAM.”

“They must have used a good RAMp to get it in there.”

“I think I’ve seen enough Rams fails this week.”

“They watched ‘The Fast and the Furious.’ It’s their getaway vehicle.”

Eventually, CHP spokesman Officer Thomas Olsen explained what happened.

An officer saw the box truck driving ahead of him during his patrol, and saw that the box truck had only one strap holding down the pickup at the mouth and the Ram was moving along with it. So the officer pulled over the driver for a violation. Once he was pulled over the driver explained that he had just bought the truck and was driving it back home. How did he get the truck in the box truck? He used a loading ramp at the dealership.

Okay, makes sense but what about getting out of the Ram?

“We were as puzzled as anyone else,” Olsen said. Apparently the driver squeaked out the driver side window and walked across the hood.

Must be a pretty skinny guy.

Read more on this story at the Fresno Bee.

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