The L.A. City Hall Rodent Problem is Worse Than You Think

Los Angles has experienced a growing problem with typhus, the flea-borne disease that brings on a fever, body-aches and a rash.

One place that did not limit itself to the possibility of exposure is City Hall. City Hall has reportedly had a severe problem with rats in the building.

Decomposing rodents and rat droppings have been spotted in many areas of at least two different floors of the downtown building, Los Angeles Times reports.

While it's great that some leaders are fed up with the mess and are starting to take action, it is a little too late for Deputy City Attorney Elizabeth Greenwood who already contracted typhus in November from working inside City Hall.

City Council President Herb Wesson submitted a motion Wednesday asking the city to report back on the "scope of vermin and pest control issues" at City Hall and other city buildings.

Wesson finally decided to take action after several city workers said they had seen evidence of rats and some were even bitten by fleas.

In his motion, Wesson also called for the removal of all carpet in City Hall and to be replaced by "alternative flooring." He also questioned plants in the building, suspecting they were attracting fleas, and called for employees to remove all their food, as if that is really the problem.

Mayor Eric Garcetti’s spokesman, Alex Comisar, said the mayor “is concerned about recent reports on this issue, and supports the council president’s effort to get to the bottom of it.”

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