Over 50 New Emojis Are Set To Come Out This Year

Get ready to spice up your text conversations because we have more emojis coming to our phones.

Based on a recently released list approved by the Unicode Consortium, more than 50 new emojis will become part of the emoji world this year.

In case you were wondering, Unicode Consortium is responsible for determining which emojis make it on to our iPhones, computers, and Androids.

Following the theme of inclusivity, many new icons were made for deaf people, blind people, people in wheelchairs, and those with prosthetic limbs. As well, this update will give users the chance to pick the race and gender of both people when using an couple emoji.

These changes for skin tone and gender make for a total of 230 different emojis coming. As of March 5th, Unicode will make the emojis available online, but that doesn't mean they'll be coming to iPhones that soon. Each company will get to choose when they chose to introduce the emojis to their platforms.

So hold on tight! The new emojis will be here soon enough.

If you want to check out the full list of emojis coming, check them out here .

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