Did the Grammy's Ban Ariana Grande's New Song 7 Rings?


Ariana Grande has reportedly cancelled her Grammy performance due to a dispute over creative control with producers. Apparently, the sweetener (Ariana Grande) sweetener (Ariana Grande) singer was told that she could not perform new songs from her upcoming album. When asked to compromise, producers told Grande that she get perform hit single, 7 Rings, but it would have to be apart of a two song medley. Ehhh, that could have potentially worked except the artist was also told that she'd have no input in the second song to go along with the single.

Now - this is the story that was reported. To me, it seems a little weird. Maybe you haven't heard the song '7 Rings', but you may have heard the controversy surrounding it. Ariana has been accused of biting the style of various rappers with her new track. In the video, Grande can be seen dancing to a trap style beat more hip-hop than her typical format - pop. A pink house is also used as the set location with broken down pink cars and chairs in the front yard. Seems a lot like a trap house to me...kind of like the same trap house used on the cover of rapper, 2 Chainz's album cover.

If you're unfamiliar, 2 Chainz, bought this house, painted it pink, used it for his album cover, as a museum, as a haunted house, and as an AIDS testing center. The house even went on tour with a car show. This is all to say - the idea of a pink house is the rappers brand so you can imagine fans responses when they recognized the similarities in Ariana's video.

Add to that, the melody of the beat sounds very similar to rapper Soulja Boy's hit song, Pretty Boy Swag. That's not it, another artist, Princess Nokia, has called out similarities to Ariana's song with her own work!

Now people, let's investigate. Why is Ariana really canceling her performance? Is it really because her producers don't want her performing music off her new album or is it due to the controversy of "stolen music?" Questions that need answers....

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