How to Identify and Treat Frostbite

With parts of the country dropping to insanely low temperatures, we figured it may help a few of you to know how to identify and treat frostbite.

Because that's a thing and YOU. DO. NOT. WANT. IT.


In general, frostbite can be treated, but if it's not taken care of it can lead to some major issues like permanent numbness, joint stiffness or muscle weakness.

In certain cases, it has even led to amputation of the limb.

Areas of the body that are most commonly effected are the nose, ears, cheeks, chin, fingers or toes.

So how can you avoid the burn?

Make sure to apply warm water on the affected area for about 20-30 minutes and elevate the affected limb.

Do NOT put dry heat on the area and DON'T massage the affected area. 

Also keep off of your feet or toes if they are affected.

Stay away from drinking alcohol and do not break any blisters.

And the best tip? Stay warm and dry!

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