#TastyTuesday: What You Need For Your Big Game Party

Are you ready to host your Big Game party this Sunday?


Yep, this Sunday.

Don't worry if you're behind, because we have all the answers right here!

We know what people like, so if you listen to us, you'll have a house full of happy football fans.

  1. Chicken Wings - No. Exceptions. You must have the most popular game food
  2. Beer - If you forget anything, don't let it be this
  3. Pizza - Because it's always pizza time
  4. Burgers - A classic favorite
  5. Buffalo Chicken Dip - It's a new, trendy item, so having this will make your party seem like the hot place to be
  6. Desserts - For when everyone is already full, but they refuse to acknowledge that desserts count as food intake
  7. Salsa & Guac - Because how could you not?
  8. Lil Smokies - As Shannon says, "mini wieners are the best!"
  9. Pigs In A Blanket - "Mini wieners" with buttery flaky awesomeness
  10. Potato Chips - Again, a classic option

Trust us, just follow this simple food guide and everyone that comes to your party will leave happy.

We guarantee it!

(This guarantee is not legally binding because your friends and family might just be unappreciative people that suck and complain no matter how much you do for them and we can't do anything about that. Sorry.)

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