L.A. Teachers' Contract Criticized for Being Unsustainable

An L.A. County oversight agency has criticized the tentative contract agreement between teachers and the Los Angeles Unified School District, alleging the school system is unable to meet all of its budget obligations.

The six-day strike ended after a contract was settled for pay raises and mental health service availability for students.

The analysis comes from the L.A. County Office of Education, which provides financial oversight for school districts, saying the agreement is "not sustainable on an ongoing basis." The office issued a warning saying the district would have to submit a revised three-year budget plan that meets the county's parameters. If the district fails to do so, the county agency has the authority to appoint a fiscal advisor who would have the authority to override district spending decisions.

Another concern being brought to the attention of the district is the rapid growth of charter schools in the midst of a declining overall enrollment for L.A. traditional schools.

The agency said L.A. Unified would have until March 18 to make necessary adjustments in its budget and that a county fiscal team would provide assistance.

Read more at the LA Times .

Photo: Getty Images

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