Sniffer Dog Finds Thousands of Leeches in Man's Luggage

Normally when a sniffer dog is brought in at the airport, it's because they're searching for drugs or weapons. 

But at Toronto's Pearson International Airport, customs agents were in for a real slithery surprise! 

As the beagle worked over the luggage of a Canadian man returning from a trip to Russia, the Canada Border Services Agency uncovered almost 5,000 squirming, blood-sucking leeches. 

The unnamed man wasn't arrested for smuggling, but was hit with illegally importing an internationally regulated species without permits and will head to court next month.

Like me, I'm sure you're wondering why the hell this guy had them in the first place...and according to USA Today the FDA has approved the 2,000-year-old treatment for a variety of medical uses. 

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