CHP Stops U-Haul, Discovers Possible Mobile Meth Lab

Police in Fullterton, California had to close down a street after a traffic stop led to the discovery of a possible mobile meth lab, authorities said. 

Police say officers discovered the rolling lab after a California Highway Patrol officer initiated a traffic stop on the U-Haul box truck just after 1 a.m. Monday morning when they saw chemicals pouring out of the rear of the box truck. When officers pulled the U-Haul over, they discovered what appeared to be a methamphetamine lab located in the back. 

"The officers made an enforcement stop and contacted both the driver and the passenger who said they had no idea what was in the back of the truck or the substance that was leaking, CHP officer Paul Fox told KFI News. "The officers noticed a strong chemical smell from the liquid." 

Fullerton Police say they contacted a hazmat team to come to the scene who worked well into the morning hours to clean up the dangerous chemicals. 

"The chemicals used are highly flammable, can explode, and the chemicals themselves are dangerous to breath in and touch with bare skin," said Fox.

Traffic had to be diverted on northbound Brookhurst Road between the Riverside (91) Freeway and Roberta Avenue. 

The driver and passenger were both taken into custody.

Photos: Corbin Carson

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