The Edge - With Mark Thompson

The Edge Show with Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson is a daily voice in Los Angeles on the most listened to talk radio station in the country, KFIAM 640 (available on the iheartradio app and at

Before that, Mark Thompson spent 30 years on-air as a nightly fixture in the TV news business.

Thompson started as a science and environmental reporter, doing investigative series and a full range of reporting.

Quickly, Mark became one of the most popular television personalities as a nightly weather forecaster in both San Francisco and Los Angeles .  His work gave him a national profile.

When Mark Thompson moved to L.A. he built out his resume as a producer and writer (winning an Emmy for a comedy Christmas show he co-wrote).

Then as a show host Thompson regularly hosted television shows of high drama and even life and death.

He  hosted high profile “event” shows like Celebrity Daredevils Live (FOX), all the Robbie Knievel jumps since 1990 (building to building in Las Vegas, over a portion of the Grand Canyon, and over an oncoming train.

New Year’s Eve viewers may remember Mark as a regular New Year’s Eve host for FOX Television as well. In those shows he has presided over everything from building implosions to musical acts.

Then with a different kind of drama and a bit of glamor, Mark Thompson hosted the “red carpet” arrival show for the most recent Emmy Awards on Fox Television (Sept. 2011). It was his second time hosting an Emmy red carpet show.

Mark also hosted Hole in the Wall along with Brooke Burns for Fremantle Television. The show aired on Fox.

For three successful seasons Mark hosted Guinness World Records Primetime on the Fox network and those familiar with the genre will remember him as the host of When Good Pets Go Bad and the voice of many of the edgier primetime reality shows at the time.

Thompson was the host of the weekly entertainment program That’s So Hollywood and was one of the primary fill-in hosts on Good Day L.A., Fox’s highest rated Los Angeles morning show.

Mark Thompson was formerly a creative partner in NEXT entertainment with Mike Fleiss. Together they were responsible for a number of successful specials for Fox and Mark was the first person to pitch The Bachelor to ABC, though he credits Fleiss with the idea itself.

He was the on-air nightly weather anchor and reporter for KTTV FOX 11 in Los Angeles. Since he started appearing on Channel 13 (the Fox owned sister station of Channel 11 in L.A.) .  Known for dancing onThompson was known for dancing during the weather reports on the 11 PM newscasts. Thompson said he did it on a whim but when email reaction was so enormously positive he kept it going. It quickly gained not only a local following but nationwide attention as well. He was featured Jimmy Kimmel Live! on October 5, 2006 and on Brit Hume‘s program on Fox News Channel among others.

Thompson has been one of the leading voices in reality television as his voice-overs were heard in the earliest days of reality TV and are still heard on shows like American Idol, Paradise Hotel and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? to The Simple Life, and Don’t Forget the Lyrics. He was also the announcer on former Fox game shows Greed and It’s Your Chance of a Lifetime.

Thompson is also heard on So You Think You Can Dance .. he is also the announcer for the US version of the show.

Mark was the narrator of Conspiracy Theory on TruTV as well as Top 20 and Most Daring on TruTV as well.

Thompson has been seen as a reporter, an anchorman and even a moderator of presidential debates in feature films like Set It Off, The Day After Tomorrow and The American President to television shows like 24 and Ghost Whisperer.

He is a native of Washington, D.C., and studied at Oxford University in England, graduating from Colgate University.

Thompson is a regular on the charity and fundraising circuit. He is an active supporter of many philanthropic enterprises with a concentration in the areas of advocacy for animals, education and environmental charities.

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