Michael Jackson Wannabe Spends $30K to Look Like the 'King of Pop'

Michael Jackson has actually been alive this whole time and apparently been living in Argentina!

Just kidding. This MJ look alike is actually Leo Blanco, 22, from Buenos Aires who has spent $30,000 on 11 plastic surgeries just to look like his idol. 

Blanco has undergone four nose jobs, as wells as surgeries on his ears, cheekbones and chin, giving him an eerie resemblance to the King of Pop. He also underwent three liposuction surgeries, four rhinoplasty surgeries, and two hylauronic acid and botox applications to enhance his cheekbones. 

Even after all those procedures, Blanco admits to still wanting to go under the knife again. 

Blanco told the UK Mirror he became infatuated with the singer when he was a young child. 

“I watched Michael constantly, I listened to him, I felt him. I felt his essence so this way or the other I absorbed his way of expression, his aesthetic preferences and it was very painful for me to look different than him, so eventually I said, ‘Why not?,' he said. 

He reportedly performs as Michael Jackson for a living. I mean might as well after all that am I right fellas.

Video: New York Post  

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