Free Marijuana For Gov't Workers During Shutdown?

A government shutdown sign outside the National Archives (Getty Images)

A marijuana-centric website known as the "Craigslist of Weed" is offering donate free medical marijuana to any federal workers who can't afford it due to the government shutdown., a 'cannabis social media platform', essentially a pot-trading marketplace that allows users to buy and sell grow supplies, paraphernalia, and yes - even "ganja" itself.

BudTrader announced this week that it will donate the "maximum allowable, legal limit" in order to "help ease your suffering in this difficult time". 

Youths demonstrate how to smoke medical marijuana (Getty Images)

The company says it's working with an attorney to make sure donations are on the up-and-up and promises all transactions will be strictly confidential. The announcement was made on BudTrader's Facebook Page:

BudTrader released a statement on Tuesday sympathizing with federal workers:

“I don’t think federal employees are getting enough love and support, in these tough times, we want to extend the offer of a donation of medical cannabis to any federal worker affected by the shutdown." 

- Brad McLaughlin - CEO, BudTrader

But Wait - Are federal employees allowed to do/take marijuana??Oh.  I guess we should mention that yes - it is totally illegal for federal employees to smoke or consume marijuana.  To make matters worse?  This applies to any federal employee to consume marijuana, EVEN if they live in a state in which weed is legal recreationally or medically.

Too bad for the federal workers, but since most of them are aware of the federal laws prohibiting marijuana, they shouldn't be too disappointed.

Read more at The Hill.

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