Colorado Man Had Long History of Threatening Women

(Christopher Wayne Cleary: Utah County Sheriff's Office)

Eight women have come forward with allegations against Christopher Wayne Cleary, 27, the man accused of threatening to "kill as many girls as I see."

The Denver-area women and teens reportedly told police that within the last three years, Cleary had harassed them when they wouldn't date him and, in some cases "made violent threats and advertised their names on social media as prostitutes."

Cleary was still on probation in two separate Colorado cases when police and FBI agents arrested him Saturday in Provo, Utah, on suspicion of making a terrorist threat. He had just posted on Facebook that he wanted to "kill as many women as possible because he's a virgin who has never had a girlfriend."

However the Colorado man has a long history of threatening behavior.

According to court records, Cleary was placed on probation for a 2016 stalking case where he was convicted of stalking a second time less than a year later. 

Other cases include harassment, where Cleary sent several threatening messages to a 17-year-old girl who refused to date him, including one that said, "I own multiple guns I can have u dead in a second... One day ima snap and kill everyone."

In another Denver case, a 19-year-old woman said she lived with Cleary for two weeks in a hotel room and during that time he strangled her and urinated on her.

Another woman who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with Cleary - insinuating he is indeed not a virgin- told investigators once she broke their relationship off he began stalking her, calling 45 times a day, saying, “I hope you die,” “I am going to kill you,” “I am going to burn your house down,” and “I am going to send people to your house to kill you.” He also posted her phone number and address on Craigslist with fake pictures "soliciting sexual acts and rape."

Cleary was later sentenced to three years probation again but the harassment didn't stop there. 

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