The World Is Completely Freaking Out Over...The Letter X???

How do you draw an X?

It's a simple question.

(A lot of people will say it's a stupid question.)

But, it is the question that the whole world is discussing today.

Gone are the days of Laurel vs Yanny.

Is the dress gold or blue?

Who cares about those stupid things?!?!

Now all we care about now is this new stupid thing!


Honestly, we have no idea why people care about this.  

From what Daily Mail can tell, it all started with Sixers Smasey, a Philadelphia artist.  She tweeted it out to her followers over the weekend and set Twitter, Instagram, and every other social media site on fire.

Interestingly, it seems that where you were schooled may determine how you draw them.

Personally, I am a 7.

And, for those of you that say I'm crazy, may I direct you to one of those old school letter writing guides...

Where do you land?

Are you a normal person? (Meaning a 7 or 8.)

Or are you some sort of weirdo?

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