France Builds 'Trump-Style Wall' to Stop Illegals Getting Into Britain

French authorities have built a ten-foot wall at a gas station in Calais, France where trucks stop to fill up with fuel before heading to the port into the UK. 

According to reports, smuggling networks meet at the gas stations in the area, taking advantage of there proximity to the port and load migrants into the trucks.  

The barrier is expected to be finished by mid-February. 

The Daily Mail reports Calais administration built the wall in order to "protect customers, staff, and migrants.” Locals have even compared the barrier to the wall President Trump wants to build along the United States' southern border. 

There are an estimated 600 mostly male migrants hailing from Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria squatting in makeshift camps around the port town waiting to break into Britain, according to Breitbart

The wall did not come without protest however as pro-migration aid workers objected to the wall, labeling it as “divisive.”

Photo: Getty Images

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