Love Myths DEBUNKED!

We all grow up hearing little sayings, rules of thumb, wives tales, or relationship advice from our Great Aunt Ruby on our wedding days. We think we know the basic rules of love and relationships. Yeah, well, think again!

Dr. Wendy breaks down eight of the biggest myths we may live by and explains WHY you should FORGET THEM in the segments posted below!

Any of these look familiar?

Relationship Myths:

  1. Love Conquers All
  2. Long Relationships are Successful Relationships
  3. Sexual Chemistry is the Most Important Thing
  4. Never go to bed angry
  5. If you don’t fight you have a good relationship.
  6. Finding love will make you happy
  7. You should never stay together for the sake of the kids.
  8. People who find love are just lucky.

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