Canadian Air Traffic Controllers are Sending Pizza to Their US Counterparts

As air traffic controllers in the US continue to work without a paycheck thanks to the government's partial shut down, their Canadian counterparts have stepped in to make the workday a little better.

They're sending over pizza!

Head of the Canadian Air Traffic Control Association, Peter Duffey, says the gesture started on January 10th when air traffic controllers in Edmonton started fundraising for their friends in Anchorage, Alaska. 

Since then, photos of pizzas sent to various American airports have shown up all over social media. 

Duffey says at least several dozen facilities have been the recipients of the cheesy, delicious gifts.

Doug Church, the deputy director of public affairs at the National Air Traffic Controllers Association in the US thanked the Canadians:

"On behalf of the entire NATCA and air traffic control around this country, we extend our thanks and our gratitude."  

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