Bicycle Commuting Is Dropping Steadily

Seattle, the most bicycle-friendly city, is losing its commuting appeal, according to the Boston Globe.

In a recent Census Bureau, only 2.8 percent of Seattle's workplace commutes to work on a bicycle. Every year the percentage is going down and it's now at its lowest level in a decade. 

It isn't only Seattle though. Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Austin are also experiencing a major decrease in residents riding their bike to work. 

Federal, state, and local governments have spent billions of dollars into bicycle infrastructure. Only for this money to go to waste as the cycling commute continuously drops. Maybe, finally public officials can see these results and stop trying to allow bikes in crowded urban traffic. 

There could be multiple reasons for the bicycling commute to drop,such as lower gas prices, working from home, or just the preference to travel by car. 

However, thousands of Americans are against public officials inserting bike lanes into city streets. These lanes cause a major disadvantage on their drive into work. Drivers are forced to accommodate to these lanes that are becoming more and more unused. 

It seems clearer and clearer that commuting to work by bike is not the future of traveling. Instead it's just another overrated idealistic scheme.

Photo: Getty Images

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