Gold Digger or Just a Darn Cool Chick?

Men and women have strategies - whether they know it or not - for meeting and mating. Men want to spread their seed, so they often pretend to be head over heals for someone to have access to as many women as possible.

Women are attracted to men with resources. The idea is that the resources provide a higher chance for the survival of her offspring...and, well, herself. 

Woman can be very competitive for the most resource-abundant (rich) guys. Ever heard of slut-shaming? It's how women tear each other down to devalue them in men's eyes to make sure she still has a chance for herself.

Our guest Darcy LaPier has been married to five wealthy, high-powered men, including action star Jean Claude Van Damme. Wendy wonders what her magic is? How is it that some women have a hard time just meeting someone, and other women seem to be a magnet for money...over and over...and over.

LaPier says she's had such lucrative luck because she's really great at being a fun "buddy."

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